Advantages of Accuqualli



Being small has its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike big corporates, Accuqualli is a small and energetic young team of less than 200 strong professionals who are experts in their respective domains. From handling small to medium-sized projects to mega-sized implementation projects, our experts are ready to do the heavy lifting and have proved their skillfulness and expert solutions in the past.



Considering the size of our organization, we can be handy in many time-sensitive operations like raising invoice deliveries to customers, the entire process can take up to just 1 day when compared to weeks in the case of a big corporate. Although these are minor organizational block points on a time-critical mission, these roadblocks can cost tons of money and time for the companies. Accuqualli aims to provide rapid solutions making it highly flexible in terms of client communication.

Cost Control

With a well-balanced hierarchy and a pool of expert resources at hand, cost-control is always within reach. Since a majority of the resources, we deploy play under our shelter, we can greatly reduce the cost of a resource. Our resources are all well-trained experts who can start from RMB300 profit space, whereas the same profile can be acquired at 20-30% higher cost elsewhere. Employee retention and the cost of maintenance are much lower when you are with Accuqualli.

High-Performance Delivery

Although we are a young team, all our resources are well qualified and expert level professionals with a minimum of 10 years of industry experience. Each of our resources has been implemented and has been in the project life cycle for a minimum of 5 projects and you are in safe company.
Our unique advantage of offering quality resources within short notice has helped us stand out from the crowd and has also made us a dependable company to go for when it comes to consulting and projects. Thanks to the global network of recruiters, part-time workers, and freelancers who have always been readily available to offer support at various levels.

Accuqualli comprehends a talented syndicate of professionals who are swiftly available for deployment on a demand and project basis.


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