Sourcing Strategy

Collaborative Approach

Our team of solution architects, implementation professionals and consultants, and experts in their respective fields providing skillful insights for your business.

We believe in a collaborative approach and Accuqualli comprises experts and consultants at all levels readily available for permanent as well as part-time roles. With a mixed pool of talented professionals, more than 50,000 readily available experts from our contacts and links, you are in safe company

Single level & Multi-model contracts

Unlike other consulting houses, Accuqualli offers direct contracts to agencies and candidates where we are the end-level contracts in the hierarchy. This approach makes us deliver optimal results under short time frames as well as helps us monitor performance directly on our resources.

On the other hand, we employ recruiting agencies for more permanent roles and jobs. We supervise the contracting agencies for streamlining the process and maximizing results that surpass client's expectations.


Customer Relationship Management

With our proprietary CRM software, we automate most of the repetitive day-to-day tasks and functions like invoicing, billing, etc. through our software. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we make sure it is fulfilled at every stage of client interaction. We ensure our clients are well informed about the project updates, bills, and invoices and we constantly educate our clients to make use of our systems to the best.

At Accuqualli, we love to stay in touch with our clients during the entire project life cycle and strive to maintain a healthy relationship beyond projects and milestones.


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