Enterprise Structure


Set up Enterprise Structure with Help of Professional Experts

We provide innovative and industry rich and excellent solution for flexible functioning and operation of enterprises. Our enterprise structure is based on SAP ERP structure mind,helps in categoric division of various organizational units based on hierarchy and function.
AccuQualli has a team of highly professional and experienced consultants for modeling structural hierarchy within enterprises.

Implementation of Enterprise Structure in Companies

We help in developing the hierarchy for the enterprises and segmentation of the organization units. Our SAP experts place each of the units within a certain category, either for legal reasons or for similar business related activities. We ensure that each of the organization is able to handle different business functions for overall productivity.

We help in organizing different units of an organization for smooth and efficient running of the organization.

With organization units through enterprise structure, each of the organizations unit are able to handle specific business functions.

It helps in handling and viewing various aspects of an enterprise and its components through common legal grounds.

Our experts' thorough guidance in the development of the enterprise business procs model and describe the operation based on reporting for the legal, functional, and managerial level.

Our consultants helps in optimizing the function within the organization and hence helps with better management. AccuQualli take into consideration various legal aspects and entities within a business and employ organizational hierarchy based on the regulatory guidelines.

Hire Professionals for Handling the Enterprise Structure

Managing the enterprise structure within a corporate or company is complicated. Our SAP experts will analyze the corporate body and organize hierarchy based units each assigned with individual duties and responsibilities. All the divisions is based on the channel, division, distribution, and company code.
We make sure all the units are bound together under legal entity and each of the units have defined roles. Our consultants simplify the working model for the organization through expertise in unit categorization and defined roles.


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