Our History

Accuqualli started its operations in the year 2016 mainly focusing on Consulting, recruiting, and subcontracting. Founded by Steven Liu out of passion, the company has grown into a mid-sized SAP consulting corporate with 50+ full-time employees and 100+ part-time and freelance professionals making it one of the most preferred companies to go for when it comes to SAP consulting.

Backed with solid experience as an SAP consultant, Steven has worked as a consulting expert for ABAP, where his career took a turn. From an SAP expert to SAP logistics consultant, Steven now provides advice and consulting services in the areas of SAP SRM & SLC, Ariba, and Ivalua products.

With a team of 200+ professionals, Steven and Accuqualli have been able to provide top-notch professionals in the industry to global corporate consulting companies.

Having worked with many multinational projects across the continents, Accuqualli has an upper hand in acquiring projects due to the in-depth software knowledge and the know-how to operate under different countries' legal compliances and policies.

Our Ambition

Accuqualli has worked with several global tech giants like TATA, Infosys, SAP, Deloitte, KPMG, Tech Mahindra, NTT Data etc. and has crossed borders and overseas to effectively deliver and maximize results for clients around the world.

Technology forerunner

Today's technology is highly complex and requires demanding skills and expertise to drive the business in the competitive market. Only with exceptional skills and deep understanding comes the confidence to pilot the workforce. Accuqualli and its team of highly skilled professionals are at their best to offer a 360-degree perspective of the process thereby providing an array of solutions to approach operational and business challenges. Accuqualli works constantly to stay relevant and stay competitive as the industry masters.


Resource Treasury

Accuqualli's core objective is to become a leader in providing resources, especially for SAP consulting services. With proprietory tools and technologies to stay in touch with a resource group of more than 50,000 talented candidates, Accuqualli aims to be a resource hub for all your consulting needs.


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